À Propos: Sign Up for the FLD’s LinkedIn Group for Professional Networking

Expand your social networking horizons and join our very own LinkedIn Group!

With the French Language Division’s ambitious initiative this year to revamp and widen its social media reach, a LinkedIn Group was launched earlier this year (2015) to provide members yet another valuable way to connect and share experiences with fellow colleagues.

We already have well over a 100 members, and there have been some great discussions that have taken place, such as:

  • Ideas for generating income outside of translation
  • Specializations that most people don’t think is a specialty
  • Strange ways people have received work
  • Dealing with “translator’s block”
  • Keeping up on French language skills outside of a Francophone country
  • Using paper dictionaries

If you aren’t already a member, or haven’t participated in a discussion yet, please go check us out! You can find our group either by clicking the link below, or by searching for the group name “French Language Division of the American Translator’s Association” in the search bar on any LinkedIn page.


We hope you enjoy our new social media channel and look forward to your lively participation!

Shannon Summers

Shannon Summers is a moderator of the FLD LinkedIn Group and a member of the FLD’s Leadership Council.  She specializes primarily in medical and IT/software translations and attended Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) and Institut Superieur d’Interpretation et de Traduction (ISIT) in Paris.