Grants and Prizes for French <> English Translators and Interpreters

The French Voices Awards rewards both American translators and publishers for translations of works that have been published in France in the last 6 years. Recipients are selected by an independent literary committee. Each book receives a $6,000 award, shared between the American publisher ($4,000) and the translator ($2,000), ($5,000 and $1,000 respectively in the case of a comic book or picture book). Each year, the committee also elects a Grand Prize Winner, who receives $10,000 in total: $6,000 to cover the foreword fee and the publishing costs, and a $4,000 non-negotiable bonus to the translator ($7,000 and $3,000 respectively in case of a comic book or picture book). A book tour will also be offered to the French author after his work is published in the US.

Hemingway Grants allow publishers to receive financial help for the translation and publication of a French work into English. Grant beneficiaries are selected by the Book Department of the French Embassy in the United States. Grants awarded for each work range from $500 to $3,000.

The Institut Français helps American publishers offset the cost of acquiring the rights to French works. Grant beneficiaries are selected by the Institut Français in Paris. The amount awarded cannot exceed the amount of the advance paid to the French publisher for the acquisition of rights and varies from €500 to €7,000.

Publishing Grants and Prizes from the French Embassy Website

PEN/HEIM Translation Fund Grants for literary translations