FLD Continuing Education Series – Episode 12: Les mots délaissés

Welcome to the 12th episode of the French Language Division’s Continuing Education Series. In today’s episode, Marie-Christine Gingras joins Angela Benoit to discuss a list of mots délaissés: words that translators don’t always think to use in their work.

Marie-Christine holds a B.A. in English and Intercultural Studies (Professional Writing, Literature and Translation) from the University of Sherbrooke and has been a language professional since 2008. An OTTIAQ-certified translator, she works from English into French and from French into English. She has translated a wide variety of materials—everything from content marketing for an industrial equipment manufacturer to scientific reports on bison and rabbit farms—but specializes in corporate communications.

Marie-Christine constantly challenges herself and her fellow translators to do away with translationese and mimic actual writing in the target language. She teaches a class for translator training school Magistrad (Yes You Can: Surviving Poorly Written English Source Texts), posts translation advice on Twitter (@TraductionsMCG), and was an instructor at the 2017 Translate in Quebec City conference. She lives and works in beautiful Quebec City.

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