interaktiv is the biannual newsletter of the German Language Division, published in the winter and summer each year. It provides GLD members with division updates and news, interesting industry-related articles from GLD members and others, dictionary and book reviews, a calendar of events and so much more.

Each issue of interaktiv is made available as a PDF you can download and read anywhere. Find past issues dating back to March 1999 below.

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As the world has watched a drama changing of the guard in Washington, another one has taken place, albeit much quieter and more graciously. Ruth Boggs was elected our new GLD Administrator at the division’s annual meeting at the 57th ATA Conference in San Francisco. And despite any alternative facts you might have heard, she gave her inaugural address in front of a packed house of GLD members—the largest gathering of GLD members ever! (It’s true).

Be sure to flip through this issue of interaktiv. You’ll find the latest GLD news—including a good laugh from GLD list master, Gerhard Preisser—learn what a Work-ference might be, discover why California was calling, take a journey on the famous Camino de Santiago and find out how you can maintain your second language. And so much more!

interaktiv newsletter winter 2017

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