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About the Interpreters Division

The Interpreters Division is a division of the American Translators Association.


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What is an ATA Division?

The American Translators Association (ATA) offers 18 professional-interest Divisions to provide specialty-and language-specific information to their members. These groups offer a wide variety of benefits and services, all organized by Division volunteers. More importantly, Divisions provide targeted networking to assist their members in today’s competitive economy.


The Inter[id logo]preters Division was established in 1998 to serve interpreting professionals working in many different language combinations and in many specialty areas, including medical, community, and court interpreting. Its members bring together a diversity that has made the Interpreters Division a special and unique association.

The Division has grown rapidly since its organization. In accordance to the most recent Division Membership Count, dated September, 2013, the Interpreters Division has 4,156 members.


The goals and objectives of the Interpreters Division include offering a forum for discussion regarding interpreting issues, providing information, fostering collaboration and promoting the continued growth and development of the profession of interpreting.


The American Translators Association Governing Policy for Divisions.

Medical Division / Interpreters Division Initiative

The purpose of the Medical Interpreter Information Initiative is to create a forum for collaboration and discussion, as well as to serve as a source of information related to current issues faced by medical interpreters.The initiative targets the linguistic, cultural and professional needs related to healthcare interpreting. The Interpreters Division (ID) and the Medical Division (MD) share more than 2,000 members, thus a collaborative effort is necessary to provide various sources of information.(…) [Read more]


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Last updated: December 2016

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