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Leadership Council

[Leadership Council concept picture]

“The Division shall establish and maintain a Leadership Council for the purpose of managing the tasks of the Division. Its most important purpose is to ensure the continuity of Division activities. (…)”

You can contact the Interpreters Division at


Current Leadership Council members


Carol Velandia Pardo (11/2016-11/2018)

Assistant Administrator

Lorena Ortiz Schneider (11/2016-11/2018)

Blog Editor

Lorena Ortiz Schneider

Contributing Editor

Aleyna Maria Tusa

Social Media

Tianlu Redmon

Public Relations

Helen Eby

Professional Development

Milena Calderari-Waldron


Paula Irisity


Giovanna (Gio) Lester

Teresa Roman

And also:

Cristina Helmerichs

Odile Legeay

Marsel de Souza

Previously on the Leadership Council (2014-2017)

Cristina McDowell

Farah Arjang

Melinda Gonzalez-Hibner

Gloria Rivera

Thelma Ferry

Tricia Perry

Marisa Gillio

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Published: July 2015. Last updated: April 2017.

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