Annual Meeting Election Results

This year was an election year for Division’s officers. Election results were announced at the Interpreters Division Annual Meeting during ATA’s 57th Annual Conference held November 2-5, 2016, in San Francisco, California:


Division Administrator: Carol Velandia (elected for a second 2-year term)

Assistant Administrator: Lorena Ortiz-Schneider (elected for a 2-year term)


[ID Annual Meeting 2016 ATA57

Lorena Ortiz Schneider speaking during the Division’s annual meeting

Thank you to all who participated in this process. We are especially grateful to the Nominating Committee, to the elected officers, to outgoing Assistant Administrator Marsel de Souza, and all Leadership Council members for doing a great job. Thank you also to all members who attended the Division’s annual meeting.

The next election will take place during ATA’s Annual Conference in 2018. In the meantime, don’t forget to join the Interpreters Division!


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