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Training Events

Training Events offered by ATA members and relevant to Interpreters

ATA members who wish to publicize training events (webinars, classes, workshops, etc.) to other ATA members can submit the following information to the ID Webmaster ( and the Division will consider including them in the Calendar of Events:

  1. Title
  2. URL
  3. Presenter
  4. Description (50 words max – specify why interpreters would be interested in your event)
  5. Location / Online
  6. Date (One listing every two months per instructor/trainer; please specify if recurring/weekly/on demand, etc.)
  7. Please specify: CEUsATA Member Discount  or sponsored by a Non Profit (Training event must provide either continuing education credits or a member-to-member discount or be sponsored by a non profit)

Please feel free to copy this list into your response email and send it after filling in all the information.

Please do not submit:

  • Pricing
  • PDFs

The Interpreters Division will list the event in its Calendar of Events and reserves the right to share the event on the ID Discussion Group and social media channel.

Published on January 15, 2018

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