Invitation to submit guest posts

[pen and notebook]The e-Voice thanks you, dear reader, for following us and sharing our posts with your colleagues, family and friends. Did you know you too can submit guest posts?

We here at the e-Voice are always on the lookout for interesting interpreting-related articles, be they in any of our areas of service: conference, legal, medical, community, or pertaining to interpreter education, training or outreach. Policy shaping, accomplishments, new ideas, anything that helps elevate the profile of our profession is a welcome addition to our blog.

Likewise, industry news about government regulations affecting the interpreting space, business practices by or impacting freelance and local, small, medium and even large language service companies, is also something we like to share with our community.

So, don’t be shy! If there is something you’ve been wanting to talk about, I invite you to contribute to helping the e-Voice be a great place for sharing all things interpreting.

Send me your articles!

Thank you.


Blog Editor



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