Love, Appreciation, and Affection


With Love, Appreciation and Affection

The holidays always bring out the best in people; regardless of our beliefs, religious, and cultural background, it inspires us to give love, appreciation, and affection. It reminds us that there is always hope and a reason to celebrate the positive aspects of the year that it is about to end.


2017 was a year to remember in our Division as we continued to work and participate in events such as: advocacy day, Interpret America, and of course the ATA annual conference held in Washington DC. Events that are decisive to the advancement of our profession and the enrichment of each individual professional. We get up every day because we love what we are doing, and we believe that our profession makes a difference in the world.

Appreciation and Affection

We have individuals that stood out during the year for their specific contributions. The work of our Division would never be completed if it wasn’t for this group of people. We have an outstanding group of advisors embodied in the Leadership Council of our Interpreters Division: They deserve to be named: Lorena Ortiz-Schneider has rolled up her sleeves, held down the fort and shared the leadership successfully during this year managing the Editorial Committee responsible for the Blog.. Paula Irisity has single-handedly taken care of our electronic presence by keeping our website up to date, and us on task. Aleyna Maria Tusa, the newest member of our team has hit the road running with her editorial contributions and articles. Tianlu Redmon is our social media guru and hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to informing our audience about what’s new, and important. Milena Calderari-Waldron has devoted her efforts to advocacy. She informs our committee about old, and new policies, and worked tirelessly to raise the standards of our profession by participating actively in more than one committee. Helen Eby, Christina Helmerichs, Gio Lester, Teresa Roman, and Odile Legeay continued to contribute her experience and expertise, making our committee wiser and more effective.

Our appreciation and affection also goes to all our blog contributors and our guest speaker 2017. Our blog contributors inspire us every two weeks with their knowledge and experience. We encourage you, our ID members to read and re-read their blog posts. We also invite you to write! Yes! Share your experiences and thoughts with us! We learn from it. For those who contributed with a blog post in 2017, Thank you!

These were our authors during 2017

Anna Vianna

Sheila Shermet

Marsel de Souza

Liz Essary

Deborah Giustini

Maha El-Metwally

Molly Yurick

Helen Eby

Pensy Tsai

Stephen Lank

Gio Lester

Roxane King /Todd Pearson

Aimee Benavides

Roberta Barroca

Every year we invite a guest speaker. This year Cheri Wilson was that special person. Her poignant lecture influenced us deeply. Her talk on Cultural Competence not only impacted the way we conduct ourselves as professionals, but also left us with the desire to be better people, kinder, and more aware of our own biases. There is nothing more powerful than self-reflection and she certainly inspired us. Thank you, Cheri!

We hope that you have very happy holiday and a very successful 2018. May love, appreciation and affection always be part of your life.


Carol G. Velandia P.

Administrator Interpreters Division


Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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  1. We all share great affection and respect for our colleagues, and it shows in the work you led us in this year. 2018 will be awesome!

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