Medical Interpreter Information Initiative


The purpose of the Medical Interpreter Information Initiative is to create a forum for collaboration and discussion, as well as to serve as a source of information related to current issues faced by medical interpreters. The initiative targets the linguistic, cultural and professional needs related to healthcare interpreting. The Interpreters Division (ID) and the Medical Division (MD) share more than 2,000 members, thus a collaborative effort is necessary to provide various sources of information. By gathering the expertise of our members, we will re-define and update both division websites. Users will be able to utilize resources found on the ID or MD website and share articles on best practices with potential clients. We hope the Initiative will provide a sense of community among MD and ID members who are medical interpreters, as well as individuals who are considering joining the profession.



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CCHI Certified Medical Interpreters: Earn your CEU’s by attending ATA58

Your attention please! Calling all CCHI (Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters) Certified Medical Interpreters! Earn your CEU’s by attending any of 54 sessions at ATA58.

Interested in boosting your terminology? We got that!

How about trusting your memory when consecutive interpreting? We got that!

And if you are into slang, how do you …

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["Equal access" - "Best quality"]

Serving the Diverse Population of the United States with CLAS is the Best Way to Achieve Health Equity

By Carol Velandia in collaboration with Cristina McDowell

Health equity is the attainment of the highest level of health for all people1. Presently in the United States individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds face unequal access to health care due to factors outside their control such as socioeconomic status, language, and education level, among others2. These barriers have a negative impact on the health care outcomes of a growing segment of the population3.


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Swahili English Medical Glossary

Swahili<>English Medical Glossary contributed by Amani Kayihura for the Medical Interpreter Information Initiative. Available for download as PDF or CSV.

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