Member feedback request for Board of Directors meeting in Austin, TX

Dear members of the Interpreters Division,

The ATA Board will meet in Austin, TX, on February 2nd and 3rd at the downtown Hilton. We value your feedback.  All members are invited to attend the meeting.  If you cannot be there in person, we would love to receive your feedback and comments by e-mail.  We are especially interested in knowing what programs and/or services you enjoy the most,  how you think we can better serve you and any other concerns you might have.
Comments can be sent to any Board member and our contact information is here: Hope to hear from you or see you in Austin. 

Thanks very much for being members of ATA and hope all have a very happy and profitable 2019.

Cristina Helmerichs

Comments are welcome on our member forums: ATA Interpreters Discussion Group and LinkedIn group.

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