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The Interpreters Voice newsletter was the official publication of the Interpreters Division of the American Translators Association (ATA). The newsletter was published with the purpose of disseminating important information to the members of the Interpreters Division, to share ideas, related research studies, emerging trends, topics of interest, as well as to encourage professional development for the continued advancement of the profession.

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The Interpreters Voice – 2014 Fall

[Cover of newsletter - Fall 2014]Issue Highlights

The National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC) evolving with the profession By Enrica J. Ardemagni
The challenging world of judiciary interpreters By Jennifer De La Cruz
Professionals at-a-glance: An interview with Caroline Kyung Ha Kim
Top Five Myths about ATA’s Annual Conference By David Rumsey

The Interpreters Voice – 2014 Summer

[Cover of newsletter - summer 2014]Issue Highlights

Translators and Interpreters: Cut from the same cloth? By Judith Kenigson Kristy
ISO standards on interpreting By Luigi Luccarelli, Verónica Pérez Guarnieri, Klaus Ziegler
Flipping a coin to choose the healthcare/medical interpreter national certification credential By Lucy Kathan
Healthcare interpreter certification: Comparison By Elsa Boyer
Professionals at-a-glance: An interview with Elena Alcalde
The freewheeling freelancer interpreter By Jonathan T. Hine Jr.
How to prepare for the United Nations Interpreter Exam By Michele Hof
Discovering the American Translators Association (ATA) Annual Conference By Marsel de Souza

The Interpreters Voice – 2011 Winter

[2011 winter issue cover]Issue Highlights

Interview with Dr. Jiri Stejskal
Practical tips for new medical interpreters By Rita N. Weil
The Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) announces first credentialed interpreters and opens exam applications for testing in 2011 By Mara Youdelman

National Certification for Medical Interpreters Takes Hold

By Rita N. Weil
The value of a single word By Nataly Kelly
Toward a quieter code of silence

Upholding the ethical standard of confidentiality

By Jennifer De La Cruz
Want to improve your interpreting? Drop that donut and grab a jump rope! By Holly Mikkelson
My ATA annual conference experience By Olimpia Hernandez

The Interpreters Voice – 2010 Summer

[Cover of newsletter - summer 2010]Issue Highlights

My 10 point input By Maria Cecilia Lawinski
The First North American Summit on Interpreting By Katharine Allen
10 tips for working with court interpreters By Carmel A. Capati
 Sections: In The News…; Thoughts; Notes; Announcements; and Fun Stuff. Photo gallery.

The Interpreters Voice – 2009 Fall

[Fall 2009 Newsletter cover] Issue Highlights

Interpreters and Medical Divisions Joint Mid-Year Conference Session Summaries
Interview with Professor Bruce T. Downing, PhD, Interpreters Division Distinguished Speaker at the ATA 50th Annual Conference By Luigi Luccarelli, Verónica Pérez Guarnieri, Klaus Ziegler
Tips for Attending Conferences By Thom Singer
Passage to Literary Translation by a Judicial Interpreter By Diane E. Teichman
Being Bilingual is Not Enough By Frank Johnson

The Interpreters Voice – 2009 Summer

[Summer 2009 Newsletter cover]Issue Highlights

Quality and Availability of Interpreters By Bruce Downing
Healthcare Legislation in Texas By Esther Diaz
Developing the Interpreter’s Voice By Michelle Lambeau
Shall we TWITTER? By Ines Swaney

The Interpreters Voice – 2007 Fall-Winter

[Fall 2007 Newsletter cover]Issue Highlights

Stakeholders Gather to Discuss Certification for Healthcare Interpreters Based on a report by Virginia Perez-Santalla
ATA School Outreach is for Interpreting Too! By Gio Lester
Moving Forward with the “Expert Panel on Testing and Certification of Interpreters” By Elizabeth A. Nguyen
Medical Translation and the Health Care Interpreter By Nataly Kelly
How Often are Interpreters Used in Federal Court? By Gio Lester
Defining the Interpreter’s Role in the Workers Compensation Survey By Veronique Roman, Cortland Reilly (ed)
Spotlight on ID Speakers: Jacolyn Harmer, Julie Johnson and Diane de Terra

The Interpreters Voice – 2007 Summer

Newsletter 2007 summer coverIssue Highlights

My Interpretation of a Conference By Anamaría Thomas
Do You Really Know What The Consortium Is? By Giovanna L. Lester
California Convenes Task Force on Interpreting Payment By Don Schinkse
Interpreting in the Real World By Maria Sanchez
Meditation on Terminology: From Missionary to Interpreting Student By Peter Romney

The Interpreters Voice – 2006 Fall

Newsletter Fall 2006Issue Highlights

Healthcare Interpreter Certification in the U.S. – Building Solid Foundations By Cynthia E. Roat
Court Interpreters Face Standards By Jennifer Peltz
Professional Profile – Nursing Two Careers. Interview with Ruth Marcondes Weinfeld
Telephonic Interpreting in Healthcare. Answers to a Few Questions. Aura Moreno; Lilian Ramsey

The Interpreters Voice – 2006 Winter

Newsletter 2006 winter issue coverIssue Highlights

New Possibilities for Networking between the CHIA and the ID By Katharine Allen
Interpreting for Worker’s Compensations Patients By Judit Marin
What’s Shaking in California By Don Schinske
Interpreting Milestones By Maria Carolina Paraventi



The Interpreters Voice – 2006 Summer

[Newsletter 2006 summer cover]Issue Highlights
Qatar PracticeBy Julie Burns
Postmark NAJIT: A Letter from the Executive DirectorBy Ann G. Macfarlane
All Aboard the MemberShipBy Gio Lester
Professional Profile: Isabel Framer––
Interpreting the InterpreterBy Isabel Framer


The Interpreters Voice – 2005 Summer

[Newsletter 2005 summer issue cover]Issue Highlights
Workshop Overview: Sight Translation: Linking Translation and InterpretingDr. Arlene Kelly
Your Reviews of The Interpreter––
How to prepare for a conference assignmentBy Steve Mines


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