Seven ATA Benefits for Interpreters

Membership Expires December 31st!

  1. Discount at the ATA annual conference.
  2. Discounts for webinars throughout the year.
  3. Contribute some funds from your membership to the local Chapter of your choice.
  4. Join over 4000 members in the Interpreters Division. Being part of its discussion group allows you to interact with members from a broad variety of backgrounds. ATA has over 11,000 members.
  5. 22 Divisions: 12 by language, 10 by specialty. Interpreters can interact with others in their areas of interest and their non-English language, all in the same organization! Most Divisions have discussion groups, publications, special tracks at the conference, and opportunities for members to participate in leadership for voting members.
  6. Recognition. Those who qualify for the Credentialed Interpreter (CI) designation are automatically voting members. As a CI, clients can select interpreters by verified qualifications. Some are finding work this way.
  7. Voting members are able to participate in leadership. ATA members can participate in committees and leadership councils. Voting members can also have a say in the decisions the Association makes.

ATA serves its members year-round, not just at the conference! As leaders of the ATA Interpreters Division, we look for ways to serve our members every day. Our Leadership Council stands ready to support all members of the ATA Interpreters Division with their concerns.


Helen Eby & Lorena Ortiz Schneider

ATA Interpreters Division Administrators


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