Year-End Review

[Happy New Year 2019]As 2018 comes to a close, we look back on a world separated by language barriers.

Interpreters have been in the news. Every day, we enable communication at medical appointments, conferences, educational settings, judicial environments and human resources meetings, to name a few.

All this has required that we take our responsibility seriously, be prepared, be impartial, be accurate, arrive on time, and be ready to do our very best every day. ATA interpreters discuss tools to take notes, electronic terminology resources, ethical issues, and collaborate every day.

Well done, colleagues. At the end of the year, as everyone takes a break, we look forward to recharging and coming back with new energy to do it again.

Here is our toast to serving our community with renewed energy in 2019.

The ATA Interpreters Division Leadership Council

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  1. Helen Eby

    Thanks, Roxana! We wish all interpreters around the world the best for the holidays and 2019!
    Helen Eby, Oregon

  2. Roxana C. Del Barco, CMI, CHI

    Beautiful and inspiring message! Happy Holidays and a happy, healthy New Year to all!

    Roxana Del Barco, CMI, CHI

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