Useful links from the BWN Wrap Up

As promised, below please find a list of all the URLs mentioned during the Buddies Welcome Newbies Wrap Up presentation on Saturday, October 26, by Emily Safrin and Daniela Guanipa.

Thank you to all of you who attended the presentation.  We hope our paths cross again in the future… perhaps as Buddies next year? 🙂

Helen’s rate rationale

Marketing platform: MailChimp

Business card reader

Mentoring program page

The Mentor’s Bounty: How Mentoring Enriches both Mentor and Mentee

Ed Gandia’s Warm Email Technique

The Biggest Problem You’ll Face When Crafting ‘Warm Emails’ for Prospects — And What to Do About It | High-Income Business Writing

#149: How to Start Prospecting for Clients When You’re New | High-Income Business Writing

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