FLD Hashtag for the ATA Annual Conference in Miami, November 4-7, 2015

We are designating the Twitter hashtag for the French Language Division as   for the upcoming American Translators Association Conference in Miami, November 4-7, 2015. The hashtag for the entire conference is .

If you can’t attend the ATA Conference, follow the  hashtag to see tweets from French-related conference seminars with tips or comments of interest and other information.

If you are able to attend the ATA conference, share information with others about French-related topics or translation tips using the FLD hashtag. In addition, please use  tag if you would like to let others also attending the conference know where you are meeting up for a drink with other French/English colleagues, or share information about other French / English conference-related activity.

And, of course, use the conference hashtag  to tweet about all things conference.

Try clicking on the hashtag links above for both of these tags to see what people are tweeting right now about the conference!