FLD Continuing Education Series – Episode 13: Financial Translation Traps and Tricks

Welcome to the 13th episode of the French Language Division’s Continuing Education Series. In today’s episode, Amanda Williams joins Angela Benoit to discuss the ins and outs of financial terminology.

Amanda N. Williams is an ATA-certified French to English translator specialized in business, international trade and financial translation. She is also a popular speaker at national and regional translation conferences on topics ranging from business skills development to international trade.

Amanda has a former career working for one of the top 100 largest ocean importers in the United States. She held various roles, including sales, operations and trade compliance manager, where she was responsible for managing a US customs audit as well as creating, implementing and maintaining the company’s import compliance program.

Amanda is a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and currently serves as assistant administrator for the association’s Literary Division. She also served six years on the Board of Directors of the Atlanta Association of Interpreters and Translators (the Georgia Chapter of the ATA). You can find her on Twitter as the Adorkable Translator (@Adorkable_Trans) or on her website at www.mirrorimagetranslations.com.


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