About the GLD

The German Language Division (GLD) is a language group within the American Translators Association (ATA) for translators and interpreters with German as either their source or their target language. The GLD was founded in 1997 at the ATA Conference in San Francisco. With some 1,500 members, the GLD is currently the third largest ATA language division.

The objectives and responsibilities of the German Language Division are as follows:

  • To promote close ties and interaction between and among members
  • To promote interaction between German-speaking translators and interpreters as well as related associations inside and outside the United States
  • To promote standards of quality and professional ethics
  • To promote the profession among translation buyers and the public
  • To promote the exchange of information amongst colleagues about technological innovations and language developments
  • To organize German-related sessions and speakers for the ATA’s Annual Conference
  • To work together with the American Translators Association
  • To support the objectives of the American Translators Association

Our members

GLD members translate and interpret to and from German – and to and from many of the world’s other languages. Many of our members are certified by the American Translators Association. (Please note that the ATA currently doesn’t offer certification for interpreters).

Our members are specialists in a wide range of fields – from manufacturing and engineering to medicine and pharmaceuticals, from finance and economics to patents and law, and from communications and marketing to literature, and the list goes on and on.

Most of our members reside in the United States, though a good number are located in Canada and Europe. The majority of our members living outside the US are located in Germany – and some even hang their hat on both sides of the Atlantic!

GLD Leadership council



2020-present Carlie Sitzmann
2016-2020 Ruth Boggs
2014-2016 Michael Engley
2012-2014 Eva Stabenow
2008-2012 Ruth A. Gentes Krawczyk
2004-2008 Frieda Ruppaner-Lind
2000-2004 Dorothee Racette
1998-2000 Helge Gunther
1997-1998 Claudia Kellersch
1996-1997 Claudia Kellersch (acting)

Assistant Administrators

2020-present Karen Leube
2018-2020 Sandy Jones
2014-2018 Melissa Field
2012-2014 Michael Engley
2008-2012 Eva Stabenow
2006-2008 Ruth A. Gentes Krawczyk
2002-2006 Jutta Diel-Dominique
2000-2002 Mike Magee
1997-2000 Ruth Zimmer-Boggs
1996-1997 Edith Losa (acting)

interaktiv Editors

2020-present Marion Rhodes
2011-2019 Matt Baird
2009-2010 Astra Van Heest
2006-2009 Abigail Dahlberg
2004-2006 Rainer Klett
2001-2002 Christiane Bohnert
1997-2001 Marga Hannon

interaktiv Co-Editors

2020-2021 Hilary Higgins
2019 Ellen Yutzy Glebe
2017-2018 Jeanette Brickner
2016-2017 Lea Rennert
2007 Abigail Dahlberg
2006-2007 Astrid Kaeser
2004-2007 Roland Grefer
1999-2002 Manfred Winter


2019-present Robin Limmeroth
2016-2019 Jessica Lucio
2015 Ekaterina Howard
2012-2015 Susanne Aldridge
2003-2011 Michael Wahlster
1997-2003 Michael Metzger


2009-present Gerhard Preisser
2004-2009 Christoph Niedermair
2003-2004 Jost Zetzsche
1997-2003 Michael Metzger

European Coordinators

2019-present Ellen Yutzy Glebe
2012-2019 Karen Leube

Digital Events Coordinator

2021-present Elani Koogle Wales

Social Media Coordinators

2021-present Ilona Friedman
2016-2021 Sandy Jones
2013-2016 Sarah Allen

Conference Coordinator

2016-2020 Michael Engley

New Member & Proofreading Pool Coordinators

2015-present Carlie Sitzman

Other GLD volunteers


interaktiv Layout

2020-present Daniela Radivo Harder
2008-2020 Katrin Rippel
2003-2008 Rainer Klett
2001-2003 Karen Lawliss
1998-2000 Karin Wuertz-Schaefer

Editorial support and proofreading

2012-present Kimberly Scherer
2012-present Ute Kegel
2002-2012 Susanne van Eyl
1999-2012 Janice Becker
1998 Thomas Hannon
1997-1998 Petra Bargmann

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