GLD newsletter: The 02/2019 issue is out!

The 02/2019 issue of the German Language Division’s biannual newsletter—interaktiv—is now online. (Find past issues here.)

Here’s a glimpse of what’s inside:

  • Update from GLD Administrator, Ruth Boggs
  • First column by new European Coordinator, Ellen Yutzy Glebe
  • GLD’s Annual Networking Event
  • GLD #ATA60 Conference Primer
  • Feature on e-learning
  • A review of Verbindungselemente Fachwörterbuch Deutsch–Englisch–Spanisch
  • And more!

Happy Reading!

Mit besten Grüßen aus dem Rheinland

Matt Baird
Outgoing Editor


Special thanks to our contributors: Ruth Boggs, Ellen Yutzy Glebe, Nina Sattler-Hovdar, Judy Jenner, Dagmar Jenner, Elani Wales, Geoffrey Chase, Tom Clark, and Stella Waltemade.

I can’t thank my editorial team enough for their continued commitment to making interaktiv one of ATA’s best divisional newsletters! Huge Thank You to: Marion Rhodes and Hilary Higgins for all their hard work on this issue. Thank you for taking the baton and sprinting away with it. Ellen Yutzy Glebe for so many great ideas and editorial insight, not to mention taking on issue 02/2018 and ensuring this year’s transition went smoothly. I’ll be forever grateful for all your support. Katrin Rippel for ten years of diligent design service. You turned our newsletter into an e-magazine to be proud of! Ute Kegel, Kim Scherer, and Jill R. Sommer, who’s eagle proofreading eyes ensure that no more than one GLD member writes to me after each issue to point out a typo. (Translators! Can’t live with them, can’t…) Carlie Sitzman, who coordinates our book reviews. Without her applying pressure on our reviewers, we’d wouldn’t even have a book review section. Stella Waltemade, our calendar manager, who makes sure we know about all the important T&I events happening around the world.

Thank you all!

The call continues – we want you!

I may have one foot out the door, but my call for volunteers continues. Join our fabulous, fun-loving team and get the opportunity to hone your skills (and develop new ones), expand you network, and give back to your profession. Here’s what we’re looking for:

Copyeditor: Copyeditors participate in two one-hour editorial calls per year to plan the issue, then spend a few hours reviewing/editing text before each issue goes to layout.
Interviewer: We’d really love to bring an interviewer on board—someone who would interview a GLD member from time to time (1-2 times a year!) and prepare the Q/A for print.
Bloggers: Finally, we’d like to have a pool of bloggers to publish content more regularly on the GLD blog. Thinking of starting a blog? Use this opportunity to practice! Already have a blog? We’d be happy to reprint relevant content. Or draft posts for our audience and reprint them on your blog! Some posts will be reprinted in interaktiv.

If you’re interested or have any other ideas, don’t hesitate to write.