GLD Membership

To succeed in today’s competitive environment, you need specialized knowledge, the tools to get the job done, access to a network of professionals, and the drive to excel and improve. GLD membership is a great way to meet these practical needs of your business while building your network of colleagues.

To become a member, you must be a member of the American Translators Association (ATA). You do not need to reside in the US to become a member of ATA.

The GLD gives ATA members working into or out of German a chance to be a part of a smaller community within the larger association. Here you can find a more focused network of translators and interpreters who share your interests, issues, and specializations.

  • Make contacts that count: Through the GLD List and social events, you will have access to a network of accomplished translators and interpreters who share your interests and fields of specialization.
  • Know the news: Through the GLD’s newsletter, website, and social media channels, you will stay current with language- and specialty-specific resources that meet the practical needs of your career.
  • Find the answers you need: By joining the GLD List and attending division events, you will learn tried-and-true solutions to daily challenges – from terminology through software to business practices – from the leaders, mentors, and colleagues.
  • Find a proofreader or a partner: Join the GLD Proofreading Pool and connect with GLD members looking to team up or simply be available to proofread each other’s work.
  • Expand your visibility: By contributing to the GLD’s newsletter and blog or serving on the division’s leadership council, you will build your reputation in the industry.