Workshop announcement: 5th Annual GLD Workshop in Berlin February 2018

What started as a casual meet-up has now become a well-established workshop. Join fellow GLD members in Europe for our fifth annual gathering – this year at Myer’s Hotel in Berlin’s charismatic Prenzlauer Berg. Come for an opportunity to network and learn from each other and stay to take in the sights of one of Europe’s main attractions.

February 3, 2018
9:30 am to 5:15 pm
Lunch at a local restaurant (not included in registration fee)

Myer’s Hotel Berlin
Metzer Str. 26
10405 Berlin


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What’s in it for you:

  • ATA/GLD insights and updates
  • A hands-on workshop and other professional development sessions
  • The opportunity to present and share your knowledge and skills
  • Social events and lots of time for networking and fellowship
  • Coffee and refreshments

This year’s guest speaker is Matt Bulow. Matt is a B2B copywriter and translator specializing in tech and IT. He’ll share new insights and lead a hands-on workshop on style in the time of digitalization. As in past years, the program will include an ATA conference recap and a number of educational sessions given by your peers. More details will be announced soon.


Please get in touch with Karen Leube at to request a registration form. Please follow the instructions on the form and return it as soon as possible. Be sure to follow the instructions on the form, noting that several wire transfers are necessary to register for the workshop and sign up for the various social events. Please also note that payments are non-refundable unless we have waiting list.*


Rooms are available at a discounted rate at Myer’s Hotel. The local organizers have reserved a block of rooms (10 Komfort-small-Doppelzimmer zur Einzelnutzung, 10 Premium-Doppelzimmer zur Einzelnutzung ranging in price between €79 and €112 depending on the room, but including breakfast) which participants can reserve themselves under “Tagung ATAGD 2018” in the same hotel by the end of October. Please reserve by e-mail or phone (+49 (0) 30 – 440 140, The rate is NOT available via the hotel’s website.

Social events


We meet at Rotes Rathaus for a tour of Nikolaiviertel, the historic heart of Berlin (founded around 1200), to start at 4:30 pm. (Tour fee €10).

Please note that for this tour, we need to have confirmation of at least 20 participants by October 31. We will specify the payment modalities later on.

We then repair to Zille-Destille and experience Berliner “Gastfreundlichkeit” first hand over a local beer specialty or even, why not, a Kümmellikör for the more adventuresome palate. Dinner will be at 7:30 pm at Zille-Stube featuring typical Berlin fare along with vegetarian choices. As last year in Karlsruhe, we will order in advance from a choice of dishes which will be provided in advance of the function, with each person paying their own way. Rote Rathaus and the Zille locales are a walk or a tram ride away from Myer’s Hotel, reachable from the Prenzlauer Allee/Knaackstrasse stop. As Zille-Stube and Zille-Destille are under the same ownership and at the same location, it is an easy logistical transition from cocktails to dinner.


Saturday night dinner: an authentic tapas bar. Dinner is at a fixed price of EUR 25 with everyone paying for their own beverages, and bottled water included. The tapas bar is also in the general area of Myer’s, giving people a chance to refresh themselves before tackling another meal.


Sunday’s activity involves the Berlin Unterwelten Tour no. 1 at 10 am. (Tour fee €11). The location is Gesundbrunnen, still in the eastern section of the city and also not far from the hotel. The tour runs for 1.5 hours – people can check their bags at Myer’s, pick them up afterward and advance to the train station. They can also have an authentic Berlin experience such as a visit to Mauerpark.

Please note that for this tour, we need to have confirmation of at least 20 participants by October 31. We will specify the payment modalities later on.

Please contact Karen Leube at to request a registration form or for more information.

*As this is an ATA division event, it receives no financial backing from the association and is therefore self-financed. In order to cover the costs of renting the venue and guarantee reservations for the various social events, the organizers need to make down payments as soon as possible. Therefore, we cannot offer refunds unless we meet our minimum number of registrations and have a waiting list. We thank you very much for your understanding.