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Just a short message to share some insights after the first ATA annual conference in virtual mode. And to say hello…

Dear all,

Just a short message to share some insights after the first ATA annual conference in virtual mode. And to say hello…

The virtual mode was very well welcomed, apparently. A lot of people joined the virtual sessions and enjoyed the networking sessions organized by ATA staff.

The Italian Language Division had a few presentations, run by ILD members or involving Italian Language. You can see them in the graphics that should appear very quickly here below (acknowledgments: Romina Marazzato Sparano!). I am also sorry that some presentations were short-listed and finally rejected, due to lack of space. I believe they would have been equally interesting and hope we will be able to listen to them in next year’s conference.

More info in the posts that will follow and in our social media.

Regarding the HQ of ILD, I am to inform you that my term as Administrator of the Italian Language Division ended during this very conference. I am handing the bell (those who are familiar with Italian politics rituals know what I am talking about!) to Marica Angelides and Alice Bendinelli (Administrator and Assistant Administrator, respectively). These have been very frantic years. We have committed our best efforts in trying to gather more and more interest around the Division, with presentations and Distinguished Speakers (AnnaMaria Testa and Ann Goldstein) for the annual conferences, a new website and Facebook page, and increased the frequency of tweets from Twitter ILD account. We have arranged two Meetup in Italy, in Milan and Florence. They have both been very well welcomed. We have published a first issue of our traditional newsletter, Tradurre (you can find the articles here below).

I really need to name some of the kind, cooperative and smart colleagues who helped me. I wouldn’t have done a hundredth of all this without them: in random order Andrea Tuveri, Tiziana Ghidinelli, Miriam Hurley, Jonathan Hine, Alice Bendinelli, Sarah Cuminetti, Francesca Marchei, Chiara Giusti, Elena Aclasto and surely many more I can’t recall right now.

Finally, my best wishes to Marica and Alice for their new adventure! I hear they have plenty of new ideas and I am sure the Administration is in good hands.

My best wishes to you all and, obviously, #staysafe!


Giovanna Massari was born in Brescia (Italy) and still lives there. She has a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature (English and French). She has been a freelance translator since 2000, certified by ATA for En-It since 2001. Former Administrator of the ILD, she mainly translates in the Medical and Technical areas.


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