Newsletter of the Italian Language Division
Tradurre is published every six months by the Italian Language Division (ILD) within the American Translators Association (ATA). Opinions expressed in this newsletter are solely those of the authors of the articles or of the Editors and can not be construed as opinions of the ATA.

Tradurre is distributed to members of the ILD, officers of the ATA and to ATA divisions.


The Interpreter as a Digital Nomad

Most of you know that I am a translator. Many know that for four years I lived and worked on the road. Translation is a very portable career, but I am also an interpreter. Here is what happened to that side of the business.

Faraway, So Close Drawing on Our Virtual Community

By and large, we translators work all by our lonesome—physically, at least. In the beginning of my career, I liked this. Having escaped the numbing landscape of cubicles in Manhattan investment banks, my ten-second commute seemed the height of envy-worthy luxury.

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