Blogs on Literary Translation

These blogs deal mainly with literary translation. Some are personal, some are institutional. They may be written in some language other than English.

Individual Blogs

Susan Bernofsky on Getting the Rights to Translate a Work: A How-To Guide:

This blog is no longer updated, but Bernofsky’s post on translation rights remains a very helpful explanation of the concept.

Shelly Bryant (Chinese to English), A Polite Lie:

Kate Deimling (French to English):

Melanie Magidow (Arabic to English, Marhaba Language Expertise):

Laura Nagle (French and Spanish to English), New Words:

D.P. Snyder (Spanish to English):

Institutional Blogs and Websites

American Literary Translators Association blog:

Arab Lit:

Authors & Translators:

Center for the Art of Translation:

Columbia University School of the Arts Upcoming Translation Events blog:

Reading in Translation:

Three Percent blog by Chad Post (University of Rochester):

Translators Aloud:

World Kid Lit blog: