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2017-06-21. Spanish/English court interpreter job opening in federal court in Phoenix, Arizona. Learn more.

2017-06-20. Job Analysis Survey for the Medical Interpreter. The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI) is conducting a survey. Learn more:

2017-06-09. Court Interpreter training coming to Wisconsin Rapids. Organized by the Director of State Courts Office, training sessions will take place on June 24-25. Learn more:

2017-04-27. ATA webinar on June 9—More Tools and Toys for ‘Terps. There’s an app for everything, right? Take this time to explore apps and technology that interpreters can use to train and hone their craft. Learn more:

2017-03-04. ATA webinar on March 9—Translating for the Courts. Observe like a detective, be faithful like a court interpreter, and decide like a judge. These are the three basic skills every translator needs to be successful in court translation. Why? Join us to find out! Learn more:

2017-02-10. ATA Joins Coalition in Open Letter to U.S. President. A coalition of 14 organizations representing translators and interpreters around the world called on the U.S. President to lift the current ban on immigration. Read now.

2017-02-05. ATA webinar—Specialization: why and how, and what’s the big deal? Translators and interpreters are often told they should specialize. But why? Examine the concrete benefits of specializing, get an inside look at a specialized translation practice, and then learn how to develop your own plan for becoming an expert in your field. Learn more:

2017-02-03. Job announcement: English/French Bilingual Interpreter at NATO headquarters. Read more on the AIIC website

2017-01-31. ATA Statement Regarding President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration. “As the voice of over 10,000 interpreters and translators in the United States and abroad, the American Translators Association is very concerned about President Trump’s recent Executive Order to suspend issuing visas to nationals from certain countries in the Middle East and northern Africa.” Read more


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[United Nations Headquarters, New York]

United Nations: The Language Competitive Examination (LCE)

Thinking about applying to the UN? Then you won’t want to miss this extremely informative article by UN interpreter Maha El-Metwally about the Outreach Program that was established in 2013 to help some candidates prepare for the Language Competitive Exam. To be sure, it is a difficult exam and nothing short of months and months of intense preparation by bona fide candidates attending this rare opportunity could have prepared them better to pass the exam.

Even if you are not interested in interpreting for the UN, I found that the training methods are not only sound but transferable to other fields, such as medical or legal. So whether you like to take courses, study on your own or are thinking about sharing your expertise with fledgling interpreters, this article will be of great interest.

As always, enjoy!


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ATA58 Room Block

Still haven’t reserved your room for ATA58?

The room block for ATA58 is about 70% full and will definitely sell out before the deadline. Anyone who hasn’t yet made their reservations can do so here:

Hurry and reserve your room at the special discounted rate now!



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My Accidental Transition from Interpreting to Translating

If you are a regular reader of The Chronicle, you’ve probably read about Molly Yurick, winner of ATA’s School Outreach Program contest held in 2016. In that article, she details how she went about preparing and presenting for the contest. We asked her what her inspiration for taking that challenge was and she’s written this article that in many ways many of us can relate to. I for one, discovered that interpreting and translating as a career existed towards the end of my college years, and only by chance: I attended a Career Day and one of the participants was the Monterey Institute of International Studies (now the Middlebury IIS of Monterey).

Read on to see how your path towards this rewarding career in interpreting may have similarities to Molly’s, and get inspired to write an article about your story for our colleagues to read.

As always, enjoy!


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Member feedback for ATA Board of Directors meeting

Send your feedback to increase visibility for the interpreting profession within ATA.


Hello ID colleagues!

Hello everyone! The ATA Board will be meeting in Denver, Colorado on Saturday, July 29, and Sunday, July 30. We will be meeting at the Marriott City Center hotel and the meeting is open to all members if you want to join us. If you cannot be there in person, we would love to receive your comments by e-mail. Please let us know what ATA programs or services are most valuable to you so that we can continue them, as well as where we can make improvements in order to better serve you in the future. You can send your comments to me or any other Board member, and our contact information is here:

Once we receive your comments, we write them on a flip chart in the meeting room so that all Board members can see them. They are then logged in a spreadsheet which HQ maintains and which the Board periodically reviews. Thank you so much for being members of ATA and please send us any feedback that you have!

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The Routledge Handbook of Interpreting: A Multifaceted Resource

Another great review by Helen Eby, this time of The Routledge Handbook of Interpreting, edited by Holly Mikkelson and Renée Jourdenais, both of the Monterey, now Middlebury, Institute of International Studies (MIIS). The Savvy Newcomer originally published this piece last year.

With the uptick in the use of non-professional interpreters in my neck of the woods, Helen’s review of a couple of chapters dealing with this hot topic is most relevant.

This review made me go out and buy the e-book version of the title, and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it! It will no doubt help me speak more intelligently with end consumers of our services about this and many other issues pertaining to our craft.

Thank you Helen!



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Invitation to submit guest posts

The e-Voice thanks you, dear reader, for following us and sharing our posts with your colleagues, family and friends. Did you know you too can submit guest posts?

We here at the e-Voice are always on the lookout for interesting interpreting-related articles, be they in any of our areas of service: conference, legal, medical, community, or pertaining to interpreter education, training or outreach. Policy shaping, accomplishments, new ideas, anything that helps elevate the profile of our profession is a welcome addition to our blog.

Likewise, industry news about government regulations affecting the interpreting space, business practices by or impacting freelance and local, small, medium and even large language service companies, is also something we like to share with our community.

So, don’t be shy! If there is something you’ve been wanting to talk about, I invite you to contribute to helping the e-Voice be a great place for sharing all things interpreting.

Send me your articles!

Thank you.


Blog Editor




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The Trials and Tribulations of a Community Interpreter: Conference Interpreting, here we go! – Part 2

Here it is! Part 2 of “The Bird’s” venture into conference interpreting.

We would love to hear from you on your own experiences delving into other venues of interpreting, so don’t forget to leave your comment.


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ATA Annual Conference: Join Us for ATA58 in Washington DC!

Plan now to attend in Washington DC, October 25-28, 2017, along with over 1,800 translation and interpreting professionals from more than 60 countries.

ATA 58th Annual Conference (ATA58) is the place where dedicated professionals come together to expand their knowledge and their network. Don’t miss out!

The conference website is

Don’t forget to check what your colleagues are talking about the upcoming conference on Twitter with the conference hashtag #ATA58!


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