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2017-08-24. ATA webinar on September 12–A Closer Look at the Endocrine System. The endocrine system never gets the flashy headlines, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it! Medical translators and interpreters will want to attend this webinar to examine the endocrine system and its related hormones, diseases, and disorders. Presenter Tracy Young will also share visual concepts and memory techniques to strengthen translator and interpreter skills in this complex specialty.

2017-06-21. Spanish/English court interpreter job opening in federal court in Phoenix, Arizona. Learn more.

2017-06-20. Job Analysis Survey for the Medical Interpreter. The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI) is conducting a survey. Learn more:

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Credentialing opportunities for interpreters

Current Government Division Assistant Administrator Monique Roske, is co-presenting a session with Emma Garkavi, the Seattle Municipal Court Interpreter Services Coordinator, and our very own ID Leadership Council member Milena Calderari-Waldron. The session is in the Government Division Track and it’s called “Trust me. I’m a certified interpreter!” You won’t want to miss it!

Check out this PDF file about credentialing opportunities and codes of ethics for interpreters that will not only be used in the presentation, but also be of great value to all for future reference.

~ Lorena

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Interview with Anna Vianna – The Oscars!

Anna Vianna was recently kind enough to speak with me about her passions and work. From her days before interpreting as a science researcher to her recent achievement of becoming the voice of the Oscars in Brazil, she took me through her life and shared her solid work ethic. Surely a read not to be missed!

Aleyna Maria Tusa, Contributing Editor

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Happy International Translation Day!

Translators and interpreters are essential to moving the cogwheels of our globalized world. Our skills help individuals gain access to services, enable entrepreneurs to venture into new frontiers, and assist governments in their diplomatic relations.

To all of those hard working translators and interpreters, Happy Translation Day!!!!


Your ID Leadership Committee

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Badge policy at ATA Annual Conference

Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges! Or…do we??
Well, this year, we must wear our badge at ALL conference activities. So, don’t forget!


Here’s the message from Corinne McKay, President-Elect and conference interpreter:

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[FIT Congress 2017]

FIT Congress

For those who were unable to travel to the land of Oz for this year’s FIT Conference comes this report from Marsel, past assistant administrator of the Interpreter Division. It’s an eye opening summary of what was a comprehensive congress, focused on issues as diverse as the disruption technology is making within our profession to aboriginal interpreting in Australia, Sign Language Interpreting, the need to raise the profile of languages of limited diffusion in oppressive regimes and the need for more of us to participate in creating more ISO standards for the T&I profession.

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Don’t miss out on the ID/MD Networking Dinner during ATA 58th Annual Conference

We’ve reserved an awesome Brazilian restaurant together to meet new friends and old, reconnect with colleagues we touch base with from afar and generally have a great time!

Remember to RSVP before 10/13/2017!

Click here to reserve your spot:


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Preparing to Interpret at a Conference: Lessons Learned from a Healthcare and Court Interpreter

Given the ridiculous weather patterns we’ve been having all over the globe, I hope this post finds you and yours safe and sound. Even as I write from Paradise (Santa Barbara) where we are experiencing record heat (I don’t mind, being from south of the equator)  enjoying swimming with the leopard sharks, I feel for all of those who are suffering, and bow my head in silent prayer.

I hope you enjoy this post from Ms. Essary, who provides excellent pointers for preparing for conference work. The delightful conclusion she draws is so true and brings me back to the notion that interpreting is interpreting is interpreting: a consummate professional will do what it takes to rise to the assignment, be it conference, court or healthcare and everything in between!
In Liz’ own words: “In the end, it’s a better experience for me, and for the people listening to me. And isn’t that what’s it’s all about?”

As always, enjoy!


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A Tale of Two Fields: Doing Research on Interpreting


Deborah Giustini, a Practisearcher is someone who conducts research while interpreting. She looks to collaborate with other conference interpreters, analyze the work and develop ways to advance our profession, thus helping the general public understand what happens when the headsets go on and the words start flowing!

Obviously, our profession could stand to benefit tremendously from succinctly communicating why what we do and how we do it is beneficial to society. In a time when the doors have been thrown wide open to anyone calling themselves a bilingual, research like Deborah’s will help prove why hiring a professional makes good sense all the way around.

As always, enjoy this article and be sure so share your ideas with Deborah.


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