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2018-12-15. Renew your ATA membership today! If you are not a member of the Interpreters Division, it’s a great opportunity to join. 

2018-12-03. What really happened at the G20 in Buenos Aires? AIIC South America issued a statement today. Read it here:

2018-11-30. WA Court Interpreters: The new Code of Professional Responsibility for Judicial Interpreters was just unanimously approved by the Supreme Court of Washington. Read more on the ID Facebook post:

2018-11-16-17. The Discuss Interpreting International Conference is under way in Paris, France. Click here to watch the streaming live:

2018-11-15. The ID member-only discussion group in Google Groups is open now! Please send an email to to register with our new group. Please include your full name as listed in the Directory of ATA Members. This is a member benefit.

2018-11-03. The Interpreters Division is under new Leadership since the Annual Meeting held on October 25, 2018. Meet the new Administrator and Assistant Administrator:



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From New Orleans to Paris: The Unexpected Places Your (First) Presentation Will Go

As we grow within our professional careers there comes a time to not be shy to comment, or fearful to change, but to open one’s arms and share the knowledge we acquire by presenting it to those who wish to hear our voices. Professional conferences are where we can shine! I invite you to live the moments of first time presenting at a professional conference through the words of Hélène V. Conte.

Roxane King

ATA ID Content Blog Editor

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Esther M. Navarro-Hall Obituary

It is with great sadness that we learn today of the passing of Esther M. Navarro-Hall, a truly wonderful advocate for interpreters and the profession.

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Interpreters Division 2018 Election Results

Newly elected Interpreters Division officers are:

Administrator: Helen Eby

Assistant Administrator: Lorena Ortiz Schneider


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Interpreting Silicon Valley: A Work in Progress

All interpreters have stories to tell: The changes in their lives; the adjustments they make. In this post, Juan Pino-Silva explores the case of the interpreter who relocates within the US, his hopes and frustrations. His new network and equipment. The post is one of many narrative pieces the author is collecting for a larger project called Interpreting America. Read on.


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[ATA 59th Annual Conference - October 24-27 - New Orleans]

An interview with Pedro Diaz, Interpreters Division Guest Speaker

With the ATA 59th Annual Conference quickly approaching, guest speakers are getting ready for their big day in October. Interpreters Division Administrator Carol Velandia caught up with Pedro Díaz, the Interpreters Division Guest Speaker, to get some of his thoughts. Here’s the interview.

Juan Pino-Silva, Blog Editor


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Why provide a forensic transcription translation?

When one enters the profession, one may be called to perform tasks that may (closely or remotely) relate to interpreting/translation. Read or learn about one such task: Forensic Transcription Translation (FTT) in this post by Helen Eby.  Learn how to go about it, should your phone ring.

Juan Pino-Silva, Blog Editor



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Member feedback for upcoming ATA Board Meeting on Aug 4-5 in Portland, OR

Dear colleagues,

ATA Board and Interpreters Division member Melinda Gonzalez-Hibner has just sent the message below to the division’s listserve:

“Hello everyone! The ATA Board will meet on August 4-5, 2018 at the Portland Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. As always, we welcome your comments and feedback. …

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[The defendants at Nuremberg. Credit: National Archives, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives Copyright: Public Domain]

Shooting the Messenger: The Case of the Interpreter in Conflict Zones

The interpreters at the Nuremberg Trials were celebrated for their work, credited with the initial impetus of consecutive interpreting and gained the admiration of interpreting researchers, historians, teachers and students worldwide.  In contrast, today’s interpreters in conflict zones face many dangers, including life threats. Why? When?
Go on to read Maha El-Metwally interesting piece next for answers.  Also check out other work by the same author in this blog.

Juan Pino-Silva, Blog Editor

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