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2019-03-01. ATA Interpreter Connections, a new way of connecting for ATA interpreters, is coming to Toronto! Save the date: March 23rd from 5:00 to 7:00 pm at Union Social Eatery (St. Clair). Our event is free to attend, and food and drinks are at your own expense. Learn more:

2019-02-27. If you are planning to present at ATA 60th Annual Conference in Palm Springs, California, remember to submit your proposal by Friday! Do you need help? Read the ID blog latest post. Learn more:

2019-01-11. The American Translators Association is now accepting presentation proposals for the ATA 60th Annual Conference in Palm Springs, California, October 23-26, 2019. Proposals must be received by March 1, 2019. Learn more:

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[Call for Speakers for ATA 60th Annual Conference]


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Interpreting: On-Site or Remote? A User Perspective

As we participate in the discussion about the value of different modes of delivery for interpreting services, the Interpreters Division (ID) is approaching stakeholders for their input regarding how they work with interpreters. Helen Eby, the ID Administrator, spoke with Stick Crosby, the Network and Health Equity Manager of …

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Maha El-Metwally shares touching tribute to the three UN interpreters who were among the 157 passengers and crew who died on board Ethiopian Airlines flight 302, last Sunday.

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Insights into Deaf Culture

By Justin Lee

FROM THE EDITOR Justin Lee’s journey into Deaf culture upbringing and ASL. He shows cultural and language differences between ASL and English. To understand them, ask and smile.Roxane KingATA ID Blog Content Editor

Flashing lights, hugs from strangers, pounding on tables, and more await those coming into the Deaf Cultural world. After …

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[Speaker, Certified, and Credentialed ribbons]

Proposals for the 60th ATA Annual Conference due March 1, 2019

By Helen Eby

ATA speakers bring a broad variety of topics and perspectives to the conference. This is what makes it interesting! Copresenting is an option. It provides you with colleagues to discuss things all the way through the preparation phase.

Now, if you want that coveted speaker ribbon, it is time to …

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Mobile Interpreting Technology

By Maha El-Metwally

We all watched President Donald Trump being greeted in Spanish by the Argentinian President Mauricio Macri at the G20 Summit. Mr. Trump then tossing the mobile interpreting system on the floor while commenting that he understood him in Spanish better than …

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Interpreting in WA public schools

Do you have experience lobbying for meaningful language access? How about dealing with government entities? Here is your chance to help the State of Washington’s public schools develop a program geared towards providing interpreters in K-12 settings. Find out more about what you can do to advocate for our profession:

It appears that …

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[Wooden gavel - Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash]

New Code of Conduct for Washington State Judiciary Interpreters

FROM THE EDITOR Along the path of our skilled professions and amongst the passing of time we take our hats off and thank those individuals who work so hard advocating for our daily presence either translating or interpreting in a breadth of settings throughout the world. It is through their baby steps and consistent moving …

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[Interpreters Division table - Welcome Reception - ATA59]

Letter to Members

Dear Members of the Interpreters Division,

Just in case you missed ATA Headquarter’s broadcast about the new Interpreters Division Leadership Council, here it is again!  We’ve been playing catch-up after attending an amazing ATA 59th Annual Conference in October, recovering from a tasty Thanksgiving weekend, and getting all the holiday season’s preparations ready to …

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[It's time to renew your ATA membership]

Seven ATA Benefits for Interpreters

Membership Expires December 31st!

  • Discount at the ATA annual conference.
  • Discounts for webinars throughout the year.
  • Contribute some funds from your membership to the local Chapter of your choice.
  • Join over 4000 members in the Interpreters Division. Being part of its discussion group allows you to interact with members from …
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    [Helene V Conte Blog Post Picture]

    From New Orleans to Paris: The Unexpected Places Your (First) Presentation Will Go

    As we grow within our professional careers there comes a time to not be shy to comment, or fearful to change, but to open one’s arms and share the knowledge we acquire by presenting it to those who wish to hear our voices. Professional conferences are where we can shine! I invite you to live the moments of first time presenting at a professional conference through the words of Hélène V. Conte.

    Roxane King

    ATA ID Content Blog Editor

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