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2017-04-27. ATA webinar on June 9—More Tools and Toys for ‘Terps. There’s an app for everything, right? Take this time to explore apps and technology that interpreters can use to train and hone their craft. Learn more:

2017-03-04. ATA webinar on March 9—Translating for the Courts. Observe like a detective, be faithful like a court interpreter, and decide like a judge. These are the three basic skills every translator needs to be successful in court translation. Why? Join us to find out! Learn more:

2017-02-10. ATA Joins Coalition in Open Letter to U.S. President. A coalition of 14 organizations representing translators and interpreters around the world called on the U.S. President to lift the current ban on immigration. Read now.

2017-02-05. ATA webinar—Specialization: why and how, and what’s the big deal? Translators and interpreters are often told they should specialize. But why? Examine the concrete benefits of specializing, get an inside look at a specialized translation practice, and then learn how to develop your own plan for becoming an expert in your field. Learn more:

2017-02-03. Job announcement: English/French Bilingual Interpreter at NATO headquarters. Read more on the AIIC website

2017-01-31. ATA Statement Regarding President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration. “As the voice of over 10,000 interpreters and translators in the United States and abroad, the American Translators Association is very concerned about President Trump’s recent Executive Order to suspend issuing visas to nationals from certain countries in the Middle East and northern Africa.” Read more


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Hiring an Interpreter? Five Points to Consider

Ever think about what you need to consider when asked to interpret at a medical appointment, a Workers’ Compensation hearing, in court or related events, at a business meeting or at a conference?

Read this step-by-step guide by Gio Lester, a very accomplished professional, who will help you speak eloquently and knowledgeably to your client. Do your part to help edify the interpreting profession and educate your clients, who are often hard pressed to distinguish the difference between a translator and an interpreter!

You will be able to articulate gracefully what it is you do and why hiring you, a professional, is worth their pennies!

As always, enjoy!


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Member feedback for ATA Board of Directors meeting

You may have already received the following email from a member of the ATA Board of Directors. Just in case you missed it, and because we are convinced that your feedback may help increase visibility for the interpreting profession within ATA, here it is:

Hello ID colleagues!

The ATA Board is meeting April 22-23 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Alexandria, Virginia. If you live in or will be visiting the Washington, DC area, we invite you to come to the meeting in person; it is open to all members.

Otherwise, we welcome your feedback by e-mail. Please let us know what ATA programs, services, and events are most important to you, and what ideas you have for us to better meet your needs. You can send your feedback to any Boardmember, and our contact information is on the ATA website:

After you send us your feedback, we post it on a large flip chart in the Board meeting room, then all of the comments are logged in a spreadsheet that headquarters maintains. Over time, this helps us identify topics that multiple members have brought to the Board’s attention.

Thanks very much for your thoughts and for your support of ATA!

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["Trust me, I'm a certified interpreter"]

What does it mean to be certified?

To be or not to be—a certified linguist, that is. The meaning of certification in our profession today has taken on a host of meanings, and this is not always a good thing.

With end users of interpreting and translation becoming more aware of the importance of certification in specific settings, it is useful to review the meanings of terms like certified, qualified, licensed, registered, etc.

This overview, provided by the Federal Coordination and Compliance Section of the Department of Justice, succinctly reviews what it means to be a certified linguist, and which questions are relevant to ask interpreters and Language Service Providers (LSPs) when entering into new business relationships.

For more information on certification, check out The Savvy Newcomer’s recent post on the issue here: Helen Eby and Daniela Guanipa do an excellent job at fleshing this subject out.

Aleyna Maria Tusa, Contributing Editor

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[Supreme Court]

The Ins and Outs of Hiring a Certified Judicial Interpreter For Deposition or Trial

It is a good idea for all professional interpreters to be able to articulate what it is that we do and why the right credentials are important to supporting meaningful communication.

This interview with Roxane King, which Todd Persson, co-founder of Cleveland Reporting Partners has graciously allowed us to re-post, showcases a court reporter’s appreciation for the importance of having a certified, professional interpreter for depositions and other legal proceedings.

Roxane speaks eloquently, clearly and gracefully about broad aspects of our profession, and the details of legal interpreting, all of which can be transferred to interpreting in other settings, be it medical, educational or in the administrative hearing realm.

It’s worth the read, no matter what field of interpreting you are engaged in. I hope you take from it some new ways of presenting what we do and have fun watching the lightbulb go on in your end-users’ heads!



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[coffee break]

How to get ready in 15 minutes, but make people think you spent 20

I had the good fortune to meet Aimee in person at ATA57 last November. I had been reading her FB posts for a while and always found them insightful, respectful and on point. So imagine my delight when she offered to join and drive a group of us in her spacious SUV (no doubt to cart all those kids and equipment around) to a local eatery, and be our designated driver to boot! When I asked her for an article, I was not surprised she submitted this little gem that will hopefully inspire you (men included) to get to a couple of professional conferences this year and kill two birds with one stone!
I hope you delight in Aimee’s delivery!

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[Downtown, Albuquerque, New Mexico]

Consecutive Interpreting Training in New Mexico

Consecutive Interpreting Training with Virginia Valencia

Hosted by the New Mexico Translators and Interpreters Association (NMTIA)

Date and Time:  Saturday, April 15, 2017, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM MST

Location:  Special Collections Library, 423 Central Avenue Northeast, Albuquerque, NM 87102



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What do you mean I’m not perfect in every way?!?

Well, she’s at it again! Bringing levity with serious subjects and making us laugh… at ourselves mainly. Totally relatable. Another fun article from Roberta, on a topic that will undoubtedly give you pause, maybe teach you something, and definitely elicit a chuckle or two. Laughter is the best medicine, after all and I know that I’m healthier for it!


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Interpreting Delivery Platforms: Should You Get on the Bandwagon?

In cased you missed it, InterpretAmerica, established in 2009 to provide a national and international forum for the interpreting profession aimed at elevating its profile, posted an article on their blog about Interpreting Delivery Platforms, or IDP’s for short. We bring it to you here, with permission from Common Sense Advisory, the T&I market-based research company keeping the interpreting profession abreast of the latest developments in the field. IDPs are here to stay, so we thought it important to share this research with you today. Read about what Hélène Pielmeier discovered regarding these delivery platforms here.

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