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Korean Certification Application



December 31, 2018

Dear Korean language translators,

Happy holidays!

The Korean Language Certification Work Group of the American Translators Association (ATA) has been working to establish certification testing for English to Korean (E to K) and Korean to English (K to E) for a long time. As a first step, we submitted a list of potential test takers (58 for E to K and 52 for K to E) and 11 signed letters of intent (letters showing a commitment to train and work as a grader after passing the certification exam) for each language direction to the ATA.

After a careful review, the ATA Certification Committee approved our application for establishing certification testing in Korean>English and English>Korean, which means that two groups now have “in formation” status, pending completion of the remaining steps and the onset of testing.

Moving forward, both E to K and K to E work groups, consisting of 9 initial graders in total, will train and work closely with the ATA Certification Committee by attending orientation sessions and training workshops both online and on site.

We would like to thank everyone for your support and participation so far! If there is any significant progress, we will provide updates at the ATA Conference and through KLD social media.

Sincerely yours,

Jisu Kim
Language Chair
English to Korean Certification Work Group
kldnewsletter (at) gmail.com

Vania Haam
Language Chair
Korean to English Certification Work Group
vhaam (at) instepis.com

*Please look for further updates on progress on KLD website, listserv and social media. 

Note: You need to be a member of the ATA and the KLD in order to join the KLD Listserv, the online discussion group.