KLD Leadership Council

The KLD Leadership Council was established to manage the tasks of the Korean Language Division. Please refer to the each committee page for more details on its functions, roles, deadlines and members.

Administrator: works as the principal representative of the KLD

Assistant Administrator: assists the Administrator, records meeting minutes

Conference Committee: provides educational and professional development for the KLD members

Communication Committee: facilitates communication among the KLD members

Hospitality Committee: organizes and assists the KLD networking events

Nominating Committee: organizes and assists with the KLD election process


2019 KLD Leadership Council

Administrator: Paul B. Gallagher, paulbg (at) pbg-translations.com
Assistant Administrator: Caroline Kim, kimcaroline7 (at) gmail.com

Conference Committee Chair: Jisu Kim, kldnewsletter (at) gmail.com
Hospitality Committee Chair: Davi Kim, davikimata (at) gmail.com
Nominating Committee Chair: Bell K. Anderson, wendybird19087 (at) yahoo.com
Communications Committee Chair: Joseph Wojowski, jrwojowski (at) me.com