Can I become an ATA certified Korean to English or English to Korean Translator?
Currently, no. We are in the process of applying to get Korean language tests accepted for certification. Please refer to “Korean Certification Update” page on this website for more information.

Do I have to be a member of ATA in order to participate in KLD business and events?

Yes, if you are not yet a member of ATA, please visit the ATA website for becoming a member of ATA. If you are already a member of ATA, please consider becoming a voting member of ATA. You can become a voting member by visiting the ATA website for applying to become a voting member.


How can I partake in the KLD Listserv?

Please mark that you wish to be a member of the Korean Language Division in your ATA directory listing. Once this has been done, please visit the KLD listserv on the ATA website and request access.


If you have any other questions about KLD, please email Davi Kim, KLD Webmaster at davikimata (at) gmail.com.  We will post the answers on the website. We welcome all of your questions. 


Please check back later!