Call for Korean Certification Exam Takers

Dear Korean language translators,

The Korean Language Certification Work Group of the American Translators Association (ATA) is very happy to announce that it is working to establish certification testing for English to Korean and Korean to English within the next 4 years. As a first step, we must submit a list of 50 potential test takers for each language direction (English to Korean, or Korean to English) to the ATA. If you are interested in taking the certification exam in the future, please contact either Jisu Kim (for the English to Korean test) or Vania Haam (for the Korean to English test) with the following information by December 15, 2018. You do not have to be an ATA member and are welcome to submit your name for both language directions.


Language direction (E to K/K to E):

ATA member (Yes/No):

Phone number:



Thank you very much in advance for your participation!

Sincerely yours,

Jisu Kim

English to Korean Certification Work Group

Vania Haam

Korean to English Certification Work Group


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