FLD Continuing Education Series – Episode 8: Adventures in Early America – Translating Liancourt’s Travels

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Wd_vaugeladecoveropt2_1024x1024elcome to episode 8 of the French Language Division’s Continuing Education Series podcast. The main focus of this podcast is the craft of translation (English > French and French > English). In this episode, Carolyn Yohn joins Angela Benoit to talk about a book she translated: Comments on the North American Travels of La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt: 1794 – 1798. See a copy of the book cover at left. Find out who Liancourt was and learn about his role in documenting early American history. Listen to Carolyn talk about fascinating translation challenges and how she journeyed through a work of historical, political and economic significance.

Le bonnet à coiffe
Listen to our episode to find out more about this piece of clothing.

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Help get Carolyn’s English translation of this book published! The publisher, Commonwealth Books of Virginia, is looking for an academic, a professor, with a focus on historians, who as ties to a solid university and who has the time to write a foreword for Carolyn’s translation. At time of writing, the foreword is the last missing piece holding up the translation’s publication. If you know someone who might be interested and could make introductions, please contact the FLD at divisionFLD@atanet.org or Carolyn at carolyn@untangledtranslations.com.

 About Carolyn Yohn

064_cl_web-smallCarolyn Yohn translates French and Hungarian legal and academic texts into American English under the name Untangled Translations. In 2015, the Consulate General of France in San Francisco added her to their list of translators officially approved to translate credentials and personal documents. She is a regional ambassador for the Northern California Translators Association and was a featured speaker for the American Translators Association. Her first book-length translation — Comments on the North American Travels of La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt, 1794–1798 — is forthcoming from Commonwealth Books of Virgina. When she’s not clacking away at the keyboard, you can find Carolyn hiking, swimming, and painting (watercolors). Find her on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook to learn more!