FLD Continuing Education Series – Episode 16 – Recapping ATA61

Welcome to the 17th episode of the French Language Division’s Continuing Education Series. In today’s episode, Podcast Host Cathy-Eitel Nzume and Andie Ho, the new FLD Administrator, recap ATA61, discuss new FLD developments, and let you know how to keep abreast of FLD announcements.

Cathy-Eitel Nzume is a certified French to English and English to French Court Interpreter, translator, Department of State Certified Linguist and Legal professional. She holds a Master’s degree in International and American law from Howard University, as well as a Master’s degree in European and International law from the University of Amiens, France. She grew up in her beloved country of origin, Cameroon that she left to study abroad. She specializes in legal and conference Interpreting as well as legal and financial translation. You can find her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/cathyeitelnzume/ or on Twitter at @CathyENzume.

Andie Ho is a certified French to English translator specializing in the food industry. She has a Master’s in Translation from Kent State University and is based in the Houston area. Visit her website at www.andiehotranslations.com or find her on Twitter at @JHawkTranslator.


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Welcome to the 16th episode of the French Language Division’s Continuing Education Series. In today’s episode, Cathy-Eitel Nzume welcomes Jenn Mercer and Andie Ho to discuss the State of the FLD and the upcoming ATA Conference that may or may not be in Boston. For more information about our podcast, please visit the French Language Division’s website here: www.ata-divisions.org/FLD/category/podcast.